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"Made in Guatemala" seduce tourists

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An outstanding great cultural treasure makes Guatemala the preferred destination for tourists in the isthmus, as well as one of the top ten in Latin America.

The country brand ranking - tourism edition - of Bloom Consulting firm rates Guatemala number one in the region and seventh in Latin America behind Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, all of which are in the top 50 among 161 countries.

Globally, Guatemala appear in 63d place.

Top attractions in Guatemala include colonial cities and Mayan ruins such as Tikal Archaeological Park.

In the rest of the region, Costa Rica is in 72d position, while Nicaragua fares worst, at 129.

Internationally, the U.S. is the best country brand, followed by Spain and France. Papua New Guinea, Burundi and the Marshall Islands have the lowest scores.

The ranking, which has been published annually since 2003, measures the effectiveness of strategies used by each country to attract foreign tourists, along with the impact of tourism on the value of national production (figures in parentheses represent the position, which each country occupies in the ranking).

  1. Guatemala (63)
  2. Costa Rica (72)
  3. Panama (74)
  4. El Salvador (96)
  5. Honduras (104)
  6. Nicaragua (129)