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Araya leads in Costa Rica election campaign

Monday, September 30, 2013

If presidential elections were held today in Costa Rica, Johnny Araya would win by a wide margin, according a CID Gallup poll released last week.

With a preference among decided voters of 48%, the candidate of the National Liberation Party would be elected without the need for a second-round run-off.

In second place at a distant 26% is Rodolfo Hernandez of the Social Christian Unity Party.

No other candidate got more than 11% of the vote.

The CID Gallup numbers are consistent with those of other recent polls.

Araya is not assured of victory, however, as more than half of the people who currently support him, would consider changing their vote, if they were offered a viable alternative.

Araya also has high negatives, with a quarter of decided voters saying that they would never vote for him.

Elections will be held in February.