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Calling for clean energy

Thursday, March 24, 2011












In a speech last week in costa rica, former United States Vice President Al Gore called for an expansion of clean energy generation in the region, mainly involving wind and solar power.

Gore's comments, made at a seminar for regional business leaders, may stimulate investment in these types of projects, by changing the way governments and civil organization calculate the costa and benefits of power plants.

If environmental impact is taken into account, the cost of oil or even hydro projects would be higher than if the calculation involved only construction and operation of the plant itself.

Solar plants are almost non-existent in the region, however all Central American countries have some degree of wind power generation, especially Costa Rica, where at peak periods wind accounts for as much as 5 per cent of total energy output.

Improved technology may also allow individual companies in appropriate locations to install small turbines, which they can use to power their own operations, while selling excess output to the grid. 


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