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Chitre is Panama's new boutique metropolis

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The district of Chitre, in the province of Herrera, is becoming Panama's latest boutique metropolis for trade and tourism.

According to the architect José del Carmen Pérez, a new zoning plan for Chitre by the Ministry of Housing is on the point of being adopted, which allow the construction of buildings over 10 stories, something not allowed under the current plan.

"Among private sector investments that are under construction, the ones that stand out are the new Mega Mall Azuero, the final stage of the Plaza Azuero, a Super Xtra near the Chitre bus terminal, Lake Village shopping center, the office complex Plaza Moderna, Plaza Tower, the Hotel Cubitá Windham Grand Resort,Spa and residences (which includes a shopping center), the hotel La Esperanza, and the Rastar and Novey Tower", says

Source: Newsroom Panama