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Costa Rica: leader in energy security

Thursday, December 19, 2013

An electrical infrastructure, which ensures widespread access, as well as security of supply, give Costa Rica good grades in the 2013 Energy Performance Index, published this month by the World Economic Forum.

Costa Rica, which placed first in the region and 19th in the world, was also praised for its development of renewable energy sources, which in the right conditions supply as much as half of total output.

Panama finished in second place in Central America, and in 47th position worldwide, while Nicaragua came last in the region, and 77th overall.

Data for Guatemala and Honduras are not available.

Norway leads the ranking of 105 countries, while Ethiopia was last.

The index ranks impact on development, environmental sustainability, energy security, and access to electrical power (figures in parentheses indicate the overall position of the Central American countries, along with Mexico and Colombia).

  1. Colombia (9)
  2. Costa Rica (19)
  3. Mexico (39)
  4. Panama (47)
  5. El Salvador (49)
  6. Nicaragua (77)