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Costa Rica leads 3G mobile cover

Monday, August 29, 2016


Costa Rica is the Central American country with more 3G mobile cover, according to telecom data analyst Open Signal.

Costa Ricans can access to this technology or a higher network through their cell phones almost 91% of the time.

Although, higher coverage doesn't mean better signal quality, and its reflected on Costa Rica's 2,5 Mbps internet speed average, lower than any other country in the isthmus.

El Salvador is last on terms of coverage, with only 83,6% of availability.

South Corea has the highest 3G mobile cover globally with 98,5% of availability, while Guyana is last among 95 countries, with only 36,5%.

Open Signal’s availability metric measures the proportion of time users can connect to a particular network, based on data from its cell phone app. Honduras and Nicaragua were not considered for the study (rates expressed in percentages).

1 Costa Rica (90,5)
2 Panama (87,7)
3 Guatemala (86,3)
4 El Salvador (83,6)