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Costa Rica leads in access to technology

Friday, October 21, 2016


With 58% of the population having an internet connection, and with 99% cellular coverage, Costa Rica is the Central American leader in access to telecom technology, according to a World Bank report published this month.

In addition, Costa Rica is in a virtual tie in Latin American cellular coverage, half a percentage point behind Chile, and a close second in internet access, behind Uruguay's 60%.

Average internet access in Central America as a whole is only 21%, while Guatemala and Nicaragua lag, at 5% and 6%, respectively.
Average cellular coverage in the region is 90%.

Panama was not included in the report, which is based on household surveys in Latin American countries (data reflects the Central American rank of each country in both internet access and cellular coverage categories).

1 Costa Rica
2 El Salvador
3 Honduras
4 Nicaragua
5 Guatemala