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Costa Rica leads region's social progress

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Costa Rica has the highest rate of social progress in the isthmus and third highest in Latin America, according to the 2015 report of the Social Progress Imperative.

Globally, Costa Rica is in 28th place worldwide and in Latin America is behind only Uruguay and Chile.

Panama is 41st in the world, with a positive progress indicator, while El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras are the category of medium level of progress.

Norway came first overall, while the Czech Republic finished last in the ranking of 133 countries.

Despite having a medium level of income, Costa Rica has been successful in offering public access to basic needs, including health and education, as well as an opportunity for upward mobility (figures in parentheses indicate the position in the world of each country).

  1. Costa Rica (28)
  2. Panama (41)
  3. El Salvador (68)
  4. Nicaragua (78)
  5. Guatemala (79)
  6. Honduras (82)