Saturday, December 5, 2020

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Costa Rica's energy grid is second best in Latin America

Friday, December 5, 2014


The electrical system in Costa Rica is the second best in Latin America, according to the World Energy Index published last week by the World Energy Council.

The Costa Rican grid finished in 19th position in the world, mainly for being one of the cleanest.

In Latin America, only Colombia was ahead of Costa Rica.

Second position in the region belongs to Panama, which ranks 44th in the world, while Honduras was last in Central America, in 107th position.

Globally, Switzerland is first in efficiency of networks, while Zimbabwe is last.

The ranking analyzes the performance of electrical grids in 129 countries, taking into account environmental sustainability, security of supply and equity of distribution (figures in brackets indicate the position in the world of each Central American country).

  1. Costa Rica (19)
  2. Panama (44)
  3. Guatemala (48)
  4. El Salvador (52)
  5. Nicaragua (105)
  6. Honduras (107)