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Freedom and slavery

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In the 21st century , some 30 million people worldwide continue to live in conditions of slavery.

However, the incidence of slavery is low in Central Americs, according to the latest Walk Free index, published this month.

Costa Rica in position 146 has the lowest level of slavery in the isthmus, and second lowest, behind only Cuba, in the area of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Panama is one spot above Costa Rica, while El Salvador in position 95 has the worst record in Central America.

In a comparison of 162 countries, Iceland is the freest, while the least free is Mauritania, where an estimated 160,000 people are enslaved in some way, out of a population of just 4 million.

The study defines slavery to include such as human trafficking, forced labor, and forced marriages (figures in parentheses refer to the level of slavery of the countries of Central America).

1. Costa Rica (146)
2 . Panama (145)
3 . Honduras (110)
4 . Nicaragua (108)
5 . Guatemala (101)
6. El Salvador (95)