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Funes is the most popular president

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The party of Mauricio Funes, president of El Salvador, did poorly in recent municipal elections, but Funes’ image as head of state remains among the highest in the region, with the support of nearly two-thirds of voters.

In Latin America, Funes is the third most popular president, trailing Rafael Correa of Ecuador and Colombia's Juan Manuel Santos, who rank first and second respectively, according to a ranking by Mexic’s Consulta Mitofsky, published last month.

No Latin American president qualified for the Outstanding category, which included only Ecuados Correa.

Funes of El Salvador was classified in the High category, along with Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, who has the approval of 61% of Nicaraguans, and ranks fourth in Latin America.

The worst result belonged to Costa Rica’s Laura Chinchilla, who was classified as Very Low.

The study measured the popularity of 19 Latin American presidents.

The figures represent the position of each Central American president on the list.

  1. Mauricio Funes, El Salvador (3)
  2. Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua (4)
  3. Porfirio Lobo, Honduras (12)
  4. Ricardo Martinelli, Panama (17)
  5. Laura Chinchilla, Costa Rica (19)