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Honduras: first Jewish president?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

WHAT Yani Rosenthal’s poll numbers show him with a growing lead over the competition to become the presidential candidate of the Liberal Party, following primaries, to be held on November 16.

WHY In a country which is still divided, as a result of the coup, which ousted then-President Manuel Zelaya in 2009, Rosenthal has strong favorables. Zelaya supporters respect him, for having served as the former president’s chief of staff. Opponents appreciate the fact that Rosenthal withdrew from politics, following the coup, instead of attacking the “golpistas”.

WHAT NEXT Rosenthal is still far from the presidency, which will not be decided until elections, to be held in March, 2014. The main opposition – the National Party – has yet to choose its candidate, while a new movement – Libre – founded last year by Zelaya, increases the level of competition.

But the fact that Rosenthal was loyal to Zelaya in the past could convince some potential Libre supporters to vote Liberal instead.
In any case, there should be no shortage of campaign funds for Rosenthal, whose father Jaime heads Honduras’ Grupo Continental, with important interests in banking, cement, coffee, sugar and media.

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