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Jobs in Panama

Monday, August 18, 2014

Speak Spanish?

Have a professional skill?

Looking for work?

You might think about moving to Panama, which will over the next five years create 250,000 professional positions, of which the national education system can supply no more than one fifth, according to comments made last week by the Deputy Minister of labor.

Most of the jobs will be service-related, in fields which include finance, logistics, administration, engineering, software programming, and technical support.

Oh yes – and teachers.

The current administration of Juan Carlos Varela plans to increase the share of the national budget, which goes to education.

His predecessor, Ricardo Martinelli, did the same.

There is money available.

Panama is expected to grow by more than 7% this year.

During the past decade, the Panamanian economy in real terms grew by an average of 8,4% a year.

This was nearly double the average of all the countries of the Americas, and nearly as much as that of the world leader.

But education takes years.

Nor will the task be easy in Panama, where millions of people are a long way from receiving even adequate technical training.

The poorest 10% of Panamanians on average earns 50 times less money than the average of the 10% at the top.

Only seven countries in the world have an income gap greater than that of Panama, according to the United Nations.