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Natural gas cluster gains ground in Panama

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

In August, AES Colón, a local unit of the US-based power company, brought on stream the first natural gas-fired electricity plant in Central America, with a 381 megawatts capacity.

But there are two more such plants being planned or under construction in Panama. By 2023, all three will be together generating 1,492 MW, almost the nation's current capacity of 1,667 MW.

One of the plants belongs to the Chinese private-sector group Shanghai Gorgeous, which has completed 40 percent of the construction of the turbines for the Martano plant, which has 441 MW capacity, also in Colón and will be fired by liquefied natural gas or LNG. the other plant will also use LNG. It will have a 670 MW capacity and will be built by the local group NG Power.