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Nicaragua: satisfaction with local government

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More than anyone else in Central America, Nicaraguans are happy with their mayors and municipal governments, according to the Americas Barometer of the Public Opinion Project.

With a level of approval of higher than 50 percent Nicaragua, ranks third highest in the Americas, behind Canada and Argentina.

Guatemala came second in the region and the seventh overall, while Panama placed last among Central American countries, and in 16th place in the hemisphere.

Six of ten people approve of their local governments in Canada, which took the top spot in the ranking.

Haitians gave the lowest approval rating to their mayors and municipal governments (numbers in parentheses represent the position of each Central American country in the hemispheric ranking).


1. Nicaragua (3)
2. Guatemala (7)
3. El Salvador (11)
4. Honduras (13)
5. Costa Rica (15)
6. Panama (16)