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Nicaragua: settling civil suits

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nicaragua is the regional leader when, it comes to efficiency in resolving contractual disputes, according to the Doing Business 2014 report, published by the World Bank last month.

It takes on average only 400 days for a court to give judgment in a case involving breach of contract.

Nicaragua is 47th in the world in this category and related issues, out of a total of 186 countries.

By contrast, a judicial resolution of a civil dispute on average takes two years in Costa Rica, and nearly two and half years in Panama.

Honduras is the slowest country in the region and fourth slowest in the world, in terms of resolving civil cases.

Singapore leads the ranking, while East Timor comes last.

The index measures several factors, including average time needed for a court to enforce a contract, along with legal fees and court costs involved (figures in parentheses refer to the position of the Central American countries in the global rank).

1. Nicaragua (47)

2 . El Salvador (68)

3 . Guatemala (97)

4 . Panama (127)

5 . Costa Rica (130)

6. Honduras (182)