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Number one for retirement security: Costa Rica

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Costa Rica was rated as the best country in Central America for retirees, and fifth best in the Americas, according to the Global Retirement Index, published by Natixis Global Asset Management.

In the Americas, Costa Rica is only surpassed by Canada, the United States, Uruguay and Chile.

Globally, Costa Rica ranks 37th, one point ahead of Panama.

Switzerland tops a list of 150 countries, while Zimbabwe is in last place.

Latin American countries generally appear in the middle part of the list, although most of the continent’s indicators slipped in comparison with last year, as was the case of Western Europe.

Nevertheless, the top fifth of the list still consists mainly of European countries.

Eastern Europe was the area, which showed the most consistent improvement over 2012.

The index ranks conditions such as health services, retirement income, and security (figures reflect the position in the global ranking of each Central American country).

  1. Costa Rica (37)
  2. Panama (38)
  3. El Salvador (75)
  4. Nicaragua (79)
  5. Guatemala (83)
  6. Honduras (98)