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Otto Perez: leader of the year

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

For having "reinvented the landscape of trade and investment in Guatemala" President Otto Perez Molina has been names Leader of the Year by Latin Trade Group, which annually honors Latin America’s most influential politicians and most business persons

Pérez’s recognition comes after a year and a half in office, during which time he has sought to improve competitiveness and macroeconomic stability, in order to attract investment to Guatemala, especially in energy, manufacturing, infrastructure and mining.

Foreign direct investment in Guatemala had shown respectable growth prior to Pérez taking office, including a 20 percent increase in 2012, compared to the previous year.

In addition, Guatemala is now a leading Latin American country, in the category of best business climate among the states, which are party to the Central America-Dominican Republic trade agreement with the United States, according to the Doing Business 2013 Report published by the World Bank.

The award ceremony will be held on October 25 in Miami, following the Latin Trade Symposium, organized by the World Bank.

The symposium, considered to be one of the most important forums for the discussion and promotion of innovation, is normally attended by political and business leaders from the entire continent.