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Panama's President is number one on Twitter

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Panama’s Juan Carlos Varela is the Central American president with the biggest number of Twitter fans, according to site statistician Twiplomacy.

With 270,000 followers, Varela ranks 10th among 18 presidents in the Americas.

In the region, Guatemala’s Otto Perez Molina with 177,000 followers is in second place, while Salvador Sanchez of El Salvador ranks last.

Twiplomacy doesn’t report on the account of Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega.

With over 54 million followers, United States president Barack Obama is number one in the Americas, ahead of Mexico’s Enrique Peña and Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos (figures in parentheses indicate the position in the Americas list.

  1. Juan Carlos Varela (10)
  2. Otto Pérez Molina (11)
  3. Luis Guillermo Solis (13)
  4. Juan Orlando Hernandez (14)
  5. Salvador Sanchez (15)