Saturday, October 24, 2020

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Pipeline play

Monday, April 27, 2015

Costa Rica made headlines last month by using only renewable energy for 75 days.

No country can count on rain to provide consistent energy.

Still, it was a remarkable achievement.

Meanwhile, Guatemala and Honduras are interested in a pipeline to import Mexican natural gas, which often is an improvement over gasoline and diesel.

Mexico likes the idea.

But Mexico doesn’t have much gas, which would have to come from the United States, which is not selling.

On the other hand, the Obama government has asked Congress for $1 billion a year for investment in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Low energy costs would be a way of helping Central Americans have a decent life in their own countries, instead of migrating to the United States.

Meanwhile, pipeline construction costs could be attractive.

A pipeline could use existing routes under the wires of an electricity network that since 2013 runs from Mexico to Panama, including financing from the Inter-American Development Bank.

Financing should likewise be available for a gas pipeline.