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Poma Group expands its Colombian operations

Thursday, November 13, 2014


El Salvador may be the weakest country in the region, when it comes to attracting foreign direct investment.

FDI for 2014 is expected to be less than $200 million, by far the lowest figure in Central America.

But at least one Salvadoran company is doing an impressive job in investing in other countries.

San Salvador-based Grupo Roble, with operations in the real estate sector, especially hotels, office centers and shopping malls, has announced it will develop its first mall in Colombia, with an investment in Bogota of some $270 million.

The firm is also planning a Marriott hotel in Medellín.

Grupo Roble already operates the Bogotá Corporate Center, which houses offices and a Marriott.

The group in addition includes 19 InterContinental hotels, along with other brands in Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Florida.

Roble is a subsidiary of Grupo Poma, a Central American conglomerate with operations throughout the region, as well as the Caribbean.

Its automotive division, Excel Automotriz, has a license to sell car brands, including BMW, Ford, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

Grupo Solaire meanwhile offers solutions for the construction industry.

Privately-held Grupo Poma is led by Ricardo Poma, a grandson of the founder.

Bartolome Poma in 1919 started the company as an importer of American-made Hudson and Nash vehicles.