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Russia in the tropics

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Several countries in the region are set to bolster cooperation with Russia.

Guatemalan ambassador Estuardo Meneses last month invited Russia to become an extra-regional observer of the Central American Integration System.

Tourism, environment, security, culture, health, science, education and health are potential areas for cooperation, Meneses said.

Also in September, Russia’s Civil Defense Ministry said it would support Nicaragua's plans to build an inter-oceanic canal.

Russia would be interested in participating in the project, in the event that Hong Kong Nicaragua Development Corporation did not proceed with the planned development, the country’s Foreign Minister said last April.

For its part, HKND has said that construction would start before the end of the year.

Russia will in addition strengthen technological ties with the region through the donation of detection systems for volcanic and earthquake activity, said Vladimir Kuvshinov, Secretary-General of the International Civil Defense Organization.

On September 26, Russia and Honduras signed an agreement, which provides for visa-free travel between the two countries, and for potential training by Russia of Honduran police forces.