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Starting a business is easiest in Nicaragua

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Nicaragua is the Central American country with the fewest obstacles to establishing a business, according to The Compliance Complexity Index 2018.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, only Curacao does better than Nicaragua, which is ranked fourth best in the world.

In Central America, Costa Rica presents the greatest number of obstacles to a new business

Globally. Ireland is first in ease of starting a business, while United Arab Emirates is last.

The amount of information required by authorities ,and the difficulty in complying with legal regulations, are some of the criteria used in the study (numbers in brackets indicate the global position of each country, from the least complex to the most).

1            Nicaragua (80)

2            Honduras (81)

3            El Salvador (69)

4            Panama (65)

5            Guatemala (39)

6            Costa Rica (37)