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Sworn enemies in Colombia make peace

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The World of Timber is a rare example of a business that spreads reconciliation between warring factions in Colombia's five-decade war that has killed 200,000 people and displaced six million, with peace talks renewing this month to try to end the war.

The ex-fighters hope putting their pasts behind them will help end the cycle of revenge in their lives at least, that has fueled Latin America's longest-running insurgency.

For two years, the government and top rebel commanders have been trying to hammer out a peace deal in Cuba to end the war. If they succeed, 8,000 FARC rebels may hand in their weapons.

Along the way there has been much soul searching among Colombians over forgiving the FARC and other armed groups with government figures saying seven million Colombians, from a population of 46 million, suffered in some way in the conflict.

Source: Christian Science Monitor