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A Canadian pot firm goes all-in on ‘Colombian gold’

Monday, July 17, 2017

Security is in-your-face tight all around the future cannabis oil factory in Colombia, conceived as the world’s largest. Armed guards, electronically controlled gates, tall fences, high-resolution cameras: the place is breach-proof. It isn’t surprising, given the location and what’s going on inside.

Workers are gearing up to produce massive amounts of marijuana. Colombian gold. Not the same stuff you might have encountered in high school, decades ago. This will be legal, liquified into oil—all of it government approved.

The facility is Canadian-controlled, its Toronto-based parent company, PharmaCielo, run by a board of globe-trotting executives and investors, several of whom are from Big Tobacco and Pharma. But the heart of the operation is in Colombia, about an hour’s drive east of Medellin, once considered among the world’s most dangerous cities.

Source: Maclean’s magazine