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Best university web sites

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Three Costa Rica two universities stand out as having the best educational web sites ins the region.

The University of Costa Rica and the National University are highly rates, thanks to the amount of information they publish, along with easy access to documents, according to the Web Ranking of Universities, published this month by the National Research Council of Spain.

The ranking takes into account four aspects: presentation, including the number of pages on the site, along with links to other sites; impact, including quality and usefulness of content; openness, involving access to academic publications, studies and research; and excellence, mainly quantifying the number of academic papers subsequently published in international journals.

Globally, the top website belongs to Harvard University. The world’s worst is Siquijor State College of the Philippines, in position 20,734.

(Figures in parentheses indicate position worldwide)

  1. UCR, Costa Rica (11)
  2. UNA, Costa Rica (89)
  3. National Agrarian University, Nicaragua (153)
  4. CATIE, Costa Rica (155)
  5. Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala (168)
  6. National University of Engineering, Nicaragua (178)
  7. University of El Salvador (203)
  8. University of Central America, Nicaragua (209)
  9. Jose Simeon Cañas, El Salvador (228)
  10.  University for Peace, Costa Rica (238)