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Canada’s Centram Geothermal granted two concessions in Guatemala. Private exploration and development company

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Centram Geothermal, a private Canada-based geothermal exploration and development company, has been granted two geothermal exploration concessions in Guatemala.

The Atitlán concession, located 144 km north-west of Guatemala City, covers 483 with three volcanoes. Analysis of geothermal water samples from hot springs within the concession indicates the existence of a reservoir at a temperature of 186ºC.

The Joaquina concession covering 9 is located about 35 km. northeast of Guatemala City. It is a fault controlled geothermal source and has had several shallow holes drilled in it; all of which are making steam and/or hot water.

Original source: Marketwire (press release)