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Central American tourism

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Central America's private and public sectors have joined efforts to promote tourism in the region, by launching a campaign called "Descubre Centroamérica" (Discover Central America).

The aim is to move some 6,000 tourists within the region through June this year.

Colombian airline Avianca is taking part by offering a special $249 fare to travel to and from any Central American destination.

The initiative received $225,000 in financing from the countries' governments and private sector.

Avianca is offering some 22,000 seats for the campaign.

Another aim of the campaign is to create awareness of the region's tourism attractions.

Nicaragua this year won Geo Saison's Golden Palm award, for organizing the world’s best nature expedition.

Costa Rica's residential tourism is attracting the attention of real estate developers, due to the country's growing popularity as destination for retirees, as well as tourists.

The Honduran government this month announced it will make tourism a national priority.

Panama wants to attract visitors to celebrate the centenary this year of the Panama Canal, which opened on August 15, 1914.

Guatemala last year for the first time had more than 2 million visitors.