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Chinese oil giant to mull expansion of Moín refinery with Costa Rica’s Recope

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Soresco, the Costa Rica-based joint venture of Chinese oil giant CNPC and Recope, Costa Rica's state-owned oil refinery, are considering to expand the refining capacity of the Moín refinery in the province of Limón.
The project is designed to complete construction in December of 2013 and will cost u$1 billion, which will increase the Moin refinery processing capacity from 18,000 barrels per day to 60,000.
Shareholders of Soresco in early June agreed to complete a feasibility study before January of 2011 and its board of directors agreed to invest $5 million in the refinery during June of 2010 and May of 2011.
Original source: Inside Costa Rica