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Coffee rust recovery

Thursday, February 12, 2015


An uneven recovery has begun from the worst epidemic of coffee rust since 1976.

Production in Colombia has recovered to almost pre-crisis levels.

Colombia’s effort was coordinated by a central organization, including technical experts and support from financial institutions.

Coffee is recovering also in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and Costa Rica, but output is on average 14 percent below that of 2011, according to the International Coffee Organization.

The figures for El Salvador are lower.

Colombia, the world’s third-largest coffee grower, produced nearly 700.000 tons in 2013.

Together, the Central American countries produce another 700.000 tons.

Only Brazil makes more coffee, leaving out Vietnam, most of whose beans have a different market (figures in thousands of kilograms).

1. Brasil           2.550.720
2. Colombia         696.000
7. Guatemala      240.000
9. Honduras        162.000
12. Costa Rica    108.480
13. El Salvador      82.440