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Colombia: second term for Santos

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

President Juan Manuel Santos will be in power in Colombia for more years, after being re elected ñast Sunday in a second round, beating challenger Oscar Zuluaga.

Santos, 62, won 51% of the vote compared to 45% for Zuluaga, and will have more time to reach his goals, with the first priority being a successful conclusion to the peace process with paramilitary forces.

The difference of views on how to tackle the conflict with the so-called FARC set the tone for the elections, as Zuluaga promised a tough stance, following the line of his political mentor, former President Alvaro Uribe.

Santos was helped by last week’s announcement by the National Liberation Army, which said it would join the peace process.

An economist from Bogota, Santos supports the fight against drug trafficking in Latin America.

With a message of peace, Santos hopes to end 50 years of bloodshed, while promoting redistribution of wealth.