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Cost of living rises least in Costa Rica

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Costa Rica last year suffered less from the effects of inflation, than any other Central American country, according to a ranking (Spanish only) published this week in La Republica, the country’s business daily.

Tight control over the cost of regulated services was one reason for the favorable results. Not all the news was good, however, since major causes for low inflation in 2011 included slow growth and a low level of domestic demand, according the Central Bank of Costa Rica in its year-end report.

Nicaraguans for the second consecutive year had the highest inflation in the region, with an annual variation of 7.9%.

Figures represent cumulative inflation to December 2011, expressed in percentage points and based on statistics from the central banks or monetary authorities of the respective countries.

  1. Costa Rica (4.7)
  2. El Salvador (5.1)
  3. Honduras (5.6)
  4. Panama (5.9)
  5. Guatemala (6.2)
  6. Nicaragua (7.9)