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Costa Rica: Best country brand

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The natural beauty, political freedom and authenticity of Costa Rica, among other attributes, position it as the best brand-Latin American country, according to the Country Brand Index, published earlier this month by the British company Future Brand.

The study also takes into account the quality of life of its people, along with business environment, culture and natural attributes.

"A strong country brand is more than the sum of its attributes, it must improve the lives of people, from progressive policies to freedom of expression," the report said.

Data were collected through interviews with more than 3500 people from 14 regions of the world, plus information from experts and organizations.

Globally, Costa Rica is ranked 24.

Canada has the best country brand, followed by Switzerland and New Zealand.

In Latin America, Costa Rica is followed by Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Figures represent the place in the global list of each Central American country.

  1. Costa Rica 24
  2. Panama 67
  3. Guatemala 81
  4. Honduras 90
  5. Nicaragua 100
  6. El Salvador 109