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Costa Rica: combating workplacebullies

Thursday, June 13, 2013

If proposed legislation were to be approved, Costa Rica would become the first country in Latin America to create a comprehensive system of rules governing workplace harassment.

Chile has rules to prevent sexual harassment at work, but the Costa Rican proposal goes further, with a definition of harassment, which includes labor discrimination, ranging from intimidation to a decrease of roles and responsibilities.

The right to make a harassment complaint would be available to any person, regardless of gender or position in the workplace.

Under the proposed law, which is currently being studied by the Legislature, a person who alleges harassment, could request that the company appoint a committee to investigate the alleged infraction.

Alternatively, the person could appear before a judge, who would have 30 days to impose interim measures, while awaiting a result of the issue.

In the case of a complaint which is upheld, the penalties would range from suspension of the offender, to dismissal without compensation.

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