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Costa Rica has the best places to work in the Isthmus

Monday, May 21, 2018

With 40 companies positioned in the list, Costa Rica has the best places to work according to Great Place to Work, in Central America and the Caribbean.

The first five positions in Costa Rica were Backcountry, Edify Software Consulting, Cisco, VMware and DHL Express.

Guatemala ranked second with 39 companies, while Nicaragua is the last with 10.

The study was based on credibility, respect, impartiality, pride and companionship, for the 2018 edition was attended by 154 organizations in Central America. (The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of companies in each country).

  1. Costa Rica (40)
  2. Guatemala (39)
  3. Panama (21)
  4. El Salvador (21)
  5. Honduras (17)
  6. Nicaragua (10)