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Costa Rica has the region’s best passport

Monday, May 28, 2018

First in the Isthmus and sixth in Latin America, Costa Rica has the world’s 56th best passport, according to the Henley Passport Index ranking for 2018.

In Central America, Panama is second in 68th position, while Nicaragua in 79th place is last.

In Latin America, Chile leads in 36th position.

Globally, a Japanese passport is best, offering visa-less entry to 189 countries out of a total of 199, while Iraq is last, according to the index, which counts the number of countries, which the holder of a passport can visit, without needing a visa.

The index is based on information from the International Air Transport Association (numbers in parentheses indicate the global position of each country).

1. Costa Rica (56)

2. Panama (68)

3. Honduras (69)

4. Guatemala (71)

5. El Salvador (73)

6. Nicaragua (79)