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Costa Rica is Connected

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Costa Rica is not only a leader in exports of microchips, it’s number one in Central America in technological progress, according to the latest Report on Technology, published by the World Economic Forum and Insead business school.

The study measures how well countries exploit the opportunities offered by info-communication technologies (ICT).

The world leader is Sweden, followed by Singapore and Finland.

In Latin America, Chile and Uruguay lead, in 39th and 45th positions, respectively – but Costa Rica is close behind.

The analysis involves three components, the tecno environment generally, technical training, and the extent to which people, government and businesses to use ICT.

Numbers reflect the position of each Central American country in the world rankings.

1. Costa Rica 46
2. Panama 60
3. El Salvador 92
4. Guatemala 94
5. Honduras 103
6. Nicaragua 128