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Costa Rica is greenest

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The adoption of policies to conserve the environment and to mitigate climate change, put Costa Rica in first place as a sustainable nation, not only in the region, but also in Latin America.

Worldwide, Costa Rica placed an impressive fifth.

Costa Rican businesses take advantage of natural raw material, according to the Environmental Performance Index, published jointly by U.S. universities Yale and Columbia.

Switzerland leads the global classification, followed by Latvia and Norway.

The study took into account aspects such as water availability, air quality and agricultural practice,s among others.

The figures represent the position occupied by the Central American countries on the list of nations in the Environmental Performance Index, which includes 132 nations.

  1. Costa Rica (5)
  2. Nicaragua (35)
  3. Panama (39)
  4. Honduras (71)
  5. El Salvador (75)
  6. Guatemala (76)