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Costa Rica is regional leader in innovation

Thursday, January 24, 2013

When it comes to innovation, Costa Rica is the regional leader.

But on a worldwide basis, no Latin American country is among the top 30, according to the 2012 Global Innovation Index.

Investment in education, environmental sustainability and political stability, place Costa Rica in 60th place worldwide, behind only Chile (39) among the Latin countries.

In Central America, Panama is the second in 87th place, while Honduras is lost, at 111.

Among the 141 countries surveyed, the most innovative are Switzerland, Sweden and Singapore. Last in innovation are Yemen, Niger and Sudan.

The ranking is compiled by the World Intellectual Property Organization and analizes the importance of innovation as a driver of economic growth (figures in parentheses represent the position of each country in the global index).

  1. Costa Rica (65)
  2. Panama (87)
  3. El Salvador (93)
  4. Guatemala (99)
  5. Nicaragua (105)
  6. Honduras (111)