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Costa Rica leads in European trade

Thursday, July 10, 2014


More than half of total exports from Central America to the European Union during the first quarter of 2014 came from Costa Rica, according to a report (only in Spanish) this month by the Secretariat of Central American Economic Integration.

Honduras was second with 22%, while El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama tied for last place, with a little over 5% each.

Despite a significant drop in sales compared to the same period a year earlier, coffee is still Central America’s main export, followed by tropical fruits and integrated circuits.

The total value of exports from the region to Europe between January and March was just over $1 billion.

The report analyzes trade between Central America and the European Union, under the terms of the association agreement between the two economic areas, which has been in effect since last year (figures in parentheses refer to the percentage, which each country has of total exports for the region).

  1. Costa Rica (52)
  2. Honduras (22)
  3. Guatemala (10)
  4. El Salvador (5)
  5. Nicaragua (5)
  6. Panama (5)