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Costa Rica leads in freedom of expression

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In a global ranking of press freedom. Costa Rica came first in Latin America last year, and an impressive 19th worldwide.

Costa Rica rose ten places in a year, compared to 2010 results, according to the latest ranking (Spanish only) by Reporters Without Borders, published last January 25.

El Salvador, which ranked number 37 worldwide, was second best in the region.

Meanwhile, press freedom in Panama and Guatemala suffered big setbacks last year, falling fell no fewer than 32 and 20 positions, respectively.

Uruguay came second In Latin America, while Finland, Norway and Estonia were the three top finishers, overall.

Figures represent the position of each country in the global list.

  1. Costa Rica (19)
  2. El Salvador (37)
  3. Nicaragua (72)
  4. Guatemala (97)
  5. Panama (113)
  6. Honduras (135)