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Costa Rica leads in market access

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A policy of openness, including a simplified tariff system, has been important factor in Costa Rica's social and economic development, says the 2012 report on Global Trade Facilitation, published last month by the World Economic Forum.

Costa Rica placed first in Central America and 43d worldwide, according to the study.

Among the weaknesses of the Costa Rican system are its poor transport system and communication infrastructure, which "have deteriorated in recent years and need to be improved," says the report.

The index, which has been published every two years since 2008, this year had a record coverage of 132 countries.

The leader in Latin America is Chile, which ranks 14th on the global list, followed by Uruguay, which was is in 40th place.

Worldwide, Singapore is number one.

The numbers refer to the position of each Central American country in the international list.

  1. Costa Rica (43)
  2. Panama (60)
  3. El Salvador (70)
  4. Guatemala (77)
  5. Honduras (78)
  6. Nicaragua (82)