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Costa Rica leads in social progress

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Costa Rica in 2012 had the highest index social progress in Latin America, and is only Central American country included in the latest social progress ranking, prepared by Social Progress Imperative, based in the United States.

In the world, Costa Rica is listed at number 12, ahead of Chile (14) and Argentina (15). Paraguay in 27th position is last among Latin American countries.

Globally, Sweden, United Kingdom and Switzerland have the best rating, while Ethiopia has the worst.

Aspects such as personal rights, access to education, and nutrition and health of inhabitants, are used in the assessment, in an annual ranking which includes 50 countries (figures indicate the top six Latin American countries included in the index; figures in parentheses represent each countries position worldwide).


1. Costa Rica (12)
2. Chile (14)
3. Argentina (15)
4. Colombia (21)
5. Dominican Republic (22)
6. Peru (24)