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Costa Rica leads in socio-economic progress

Friday, March 7, 2014

Costa Rica was first in the region in 2013 and third in Latin America, in the Global Development Report (Spanish only), published by the Latin America Development Center.

Costa Rica was 41st in the world ranking, behind Chile and Uruguay – in 14th and 22nd position, respectively - among Latin American countries.

Panama was second in Central America and 61st in the world, while Honduras had the region’s lowest rating.

The study analyzed factors such as business climate, including controls on foreign trade and capital, and political and legal stability, as well as technological development, including broadband access, and research as a percentage of the total value of national production.

In the world ranking, which includes 166 countries, New Zealand is first and North Korea is last (figures reflect the position in the global ranking of each Central American country).

1. Costa Rica (41)
2. Panama (61)
3. El Salvador (66)
4. Guatemala (97)
5. Nicaragua (104)
6. Honduras (116)