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Costa Rica leads social progress

Monday, June 26, 2017

In second place in Latin America and 28th globally, Costa Rica leads Central American countries in the 2017 Social Progress Index, published by Social Progress Imperative.

In addition, Costa Rica since 2014 has been first worldwide in efficiency of transforming economic growth into social progress, one of the categories of the index, while annually improving its score in the “Access to Information & Communications” and “Health & Wellness” categories.

Guatemala and Honduras were last in Latin America.

Globally, Denmark is the country with the highest score, while Central African Republic was last among 128 countries.

Nutrition and basic medical care, access to basic knowledge, and extent of personal rights and environmental quality, are factors considered for the index (numbers in brackets indicate each country’s global position).

1            Costa Rica (28)
2            Panama (40)
3            El Salvador (70)
4            Nicaragua (81)
5            Guatemala (84)
6            Honduras (89)