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Costa Rica: motherly love

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Health, education and job opportunities for mothers are among the best in Latin America.

Costa Rica offers the best conditions in the region for mothers and children, according to a report by the Save the Children Foundation.

Based on factors such as health, education, family income, mortality of children under five years, and even participation in politics, Costa Rica placed third in Latin America and 41st in the world.

El Salvador is second in Central America at position 74, while mothers in Guatemala – 128th place - are at a disadvantage compared to their neighbors.

In the overall ranking, Finland is the best country in the world for mothers, while the Democratic Republic of Congo is the worst, of a total of 176 countries (figure in brackets represent the global rank of each Central American country).


1. Costa Rica (41)
2. El Salvador (74)
3. Nicaragua (89)
4. Panama (96)
5. Honduras (111)
6. Guatemala (128)