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Costa Rica: regional leader in ecological performance

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Costa Rica is a world leader in environmental management, according to the 2012 Environmental Representation Index, published February 15 by Yale University and Columbia University.

Costa Rica ranks fifth globally, behind Switzerland, Latvia, Norway and Luxembourg.

The index is divided into five categories, of which the highest – “Strongest performers” – consists of ten countries.

Nicaragua in 35th place, and Panama, in 39th, fall into the second category – “Strong performers” – which includes the countries between position 10 and position 46.

None of the other countries in the region performed well in the study, which takes into account environmental protection measures, water resources and biodiversity.

Numbers reflect the position occupied by each Central American country in the global list.

  1. Costa Rica (5)
  2. Nicaragua (35)
  3. Panama (39)
  4. Honduras (71)
  5. El Salvador (75)
  6. Guatemala (76)