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Costa Rica: semi open for unions

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Costa Rica is in 68th place in the world, when it comes to the right of workers to unionize, according to the Global Rights Index, released this week by the International Trade Union Confederation.

The score puts Costa Rica in Group 3, reserved for countries where union rights are affected by employer resistance and/or legislative deficiencies.

Guatemala is last in the isthmus in position 119, out of a total of 139 countries.

This puts Guatemala in Group 5 – the lowest, as designated by the Confederation - along with 23 other nations, including China, Colombia and India.

The world's best country for unions is Uruguay, while the worst is Libya, based on criteria, which include rights to organization, strikes and collective bargaining.

Nicaragua was not included in the study (figures reflect the position in the global list of each Central American country).

1. Costa Rica (68)
2. Panama (83)
3. Honduras (101)
4. El Salvador (104)
5. Guatemala (119)