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Costa Rica: “soft power” attracts investment

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Culture, political values​​, stability and pacifism resulted in Costa Rica placing fifth in Latin America in attractiveness for foreign investment.

These s-called “soft power” assets are increasingly considered by companies around the world, in deciding where to establish operations.

By contrast, "hard power" refers to military and economic force used by nations to achieve their goals.

Overall, Brazil came first in Latin America, followed by Mexico, Chile and Argentina, according to the latest Soft Power Growth Market Index, published by Ernst & Young. "Soft power is gaining ground, and is now considered an important indicator of national strength and depth," said Ernst & Young’s Alexis Karklins.

Costa Rica is the only Central American country that appears on the list, thanks to its strength in all three measured categories: international image, integrity and integration. Globally, the country with the highest level of soft power, and therefore the most attractive for investment, is China, followed by India and Russia.

The figures represent the positions of Latin American countries in the global list.

  1. Brazil (4)
  2. Mexico (6)
  3. Chile (14)
  4. Argentina (18)
  5. Costa Rica (19)