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Costa Rica: third greenest economy

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Surpassed only by Sweden and Norway, Costa Rica's economy is the third greenest in the world, according to the global index published by Washington DC-based Dual Citizen consultancy.

This is the first time that Costa Rica has been included in the study, which started in 2010, and which measures the efforts to achieve sustainable growth.

Costa Rica is designated as a small, middle-income economy, which has built an image of the country as "vibrantly green", especially in tourism development.

Panama in 51st position is the only other country in the isthmus included in the ranking.

The greenest economy in the world is Sweden, while Mongolia placed last in a list of 60 countries (figures in brackets indicate the position of each country in the world ranking).

  1. Costa Rica (3)
  2. Colombia (14)
  3. Mexico (31)
  4. Panama (51)